it's the little things

For my first Cloud Factory Design Collective show in 2002, I created a piece called "it's the little things." I had previously made a "walking picnic" dress, complete with squeaky cheeseburgers, butterflies and trails of plastic ants. For the fashion show, I added four more gingham outfits, inspired by such things as tulips and my childhood bedspread. The soundtrack to this piece was a Greenskeepers track titled "Low & Sweet," a housed-up bluegrassy song. Since the song heavily featured a cowbell, I added an "Asian Buckwheat" to play the cowbell onstage, because you can always use more cowbell!

Of everything I've created, this piece is still the closest to my heart.

Studio shots:

Runway shots:

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bbbbbrian said...

ooo! I love gingham!