Leaving for Paris

In 2008, the Cloud Factory Design Collective decided to change things up and produce a show in the fall, rather than the traditional spring show. I took advantage of the change in season to move away from my traditional lighter fare and spring colors, opting instead to create dress coats in jewel-toned velvet and corduroy. The set was inspired by the hauntingly gorgeous "Leaving for Paris" by Rufus Wainwright, which never fails to captivate me each and every time I hear it. The original idea was to project an image of a train schedule onstage, to give the illusion of the piece taking place in a train station. The visuals didn't happen due to technical difficulties, but I think the idea came through fairly well in any case.

Here are some studio shots:

Here is a video from the balcony: (thanks Prince Pablo!)

And here is a shot of everyone, including a very sick, very tired, and very happy Stefbot:

Thanks to all my beautiful models and to Lance Fuller (also beautiful!) for bringing the pathos. :)